What does your ideal customer see when they search for your business online ?

Would they choose your service above others in the search results to give you a call, or fill out a contact form, or shoot you a text message ?

If you have challenges with any of these items, I can help...

I use a simple marketing strategy based on your needs and the answer to a few simple questions, like:

Would you like customers now, or customers later ?

If you would like to increase your brand awareness online and reach more customers, I can help.

Get customized recommendations on how to reach new customers now, and stay in touch with previous customers.

Unlock the value of your existing customer base using online reviews... happy customers help you make sales with a closed loop Online Review system.

See how your business is ranking compared to other businesses serving your local area.

Schedule a 30 minute call today to find out more about our simple marketing strategies and see if your business qualifies for a "Value In Advance" trial offer that will produce leads with no up front cost to you.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do ?

Digital (Internet) Marketing Agencies provide brand awareness services that are delivered in the digital realm.

We use the Internet to do research, development and delivery of content for advertising campaigns and online marketing services for other businesses. The online services reach consumers through a variety of devices like laptops, desktop computers & smartphones running a variety of apps. Software to deliver the services can be hosted in "the cloud" since cloud computing and cloud storage resources are readily available and are centralized for security and ease of management. Most services are available on a subscription basis.

Our agency can provide the services to help your Business make the connections with your target audience. Learn more about our services

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

What are benefits of using a

Digital Marketing Agency ?

A Digital Marketing Agency builds a bridge to help your business reach your ideal customers online. We can help your business be found online and connect you to new prospects using business listings, reviews, websites, Social Media, messaging and ads.

With 98% of consumers online today, smart businesses are realizing the best place to advertise js on the device their ideal customer is carrying around with them. Most everyone has a smartphone and people use online search several times a day to locate the items and services they need - this is especially important to lead in the local market.

What do customers see when they are looking for the services you offer ? If you would like to see for yourself, contact us for a Local SEO report tool to learn more about your online listings and how to make it easier for potential customers to find you first..

About the name:

The name GEGmarketOps is more of a contraction, not an acronym.

Its easier said like "G E G Market Ops".

...So we have some letters - the owner's initials added to a shortened version of the words Market Operations. It's an online business, so there's a .com at the end (of course).

I bring this up to show an example of how Internet Marketing and digital advertising works. It would be more costly and complex to do widespread advertising of my business in conventional media like newspaper or magazine ads and it would not be cost effective to advertise on billboards or broadcast TV to increase my reach as a local service area business.

With digital marketing there is economy and scale. Business owners can choose from affordable marketing options to build the brand awareness and reach new clients.

This is easily done using online advertising.

GEGmarketOps.com : I help local businesses reach more customers and grow their business using online marketing.

. Call or click today to get more information about how we can help build your brand online.

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